On this page I would like to give You insight on projects that I was able to realize in the past. I will gladly offer You a wider range of samples in a personal consultation.

Epic Film, Trailer & Game Music (Standalone)


Epic Sci-Fi Trailer Score

Childrens Chorus & Orchestra

Yellow Home

Epic Arena Full Orchestra

Independent Productions

Requiem – Full Orchestral Score

Hybrid Game-OST (Strings&Synth)

Hybrid Retro/E-Guitar/Scifi Score

Game Music: Medieval Village

Chilled Synthie Ambience

Game Music: Pirate Village

„Anime/Manga“ Main Theme

Game Music: Cave

Broken Serenade

Solo Cello & Voice surrounded by Orchestra

Ambient „Space“ Music

The Awakening

Film Score

Fire Film Awards 2018:

Top 99 Entry (Stille – Shortfilm)

CAIFF Scoring Competition:

Full re-scoring of the Music for the Shortfilm Admonition 

Other Film Scores:


Unschuld Shortfilm


Raumverlust Shortfilm


Die Nacht Shortfilm

Game Music

Nory´s Escape

Game Music for a Jump-and-Run-Game, which received the first price at the 2017  Respawn Indie Game Expo (powered by Amazon) in cologne.

Visit the Homepage of Nory´s Escape.


Nory´s Escape Gameplaytrailer


Nory Main Theme

Corporate Score

Visions of Turkey


Rollout Elbflorace Project-Movie


20 Jahre Gira-Aktiv-Partner Event-Trailer

Film Score

Die Netzwelt

In 2017 i composed „Das Refugium“ for the german play „die Netzwelt“, performed in the „Landestheater Tübingen„. There are in total 3 different versions of this track, based on the main theme.


Das Refugium

 I will gladly offer You a wider range of samples in a personal consultation.

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