Tobi Weiss


I was born in Wuppertal in 1992.
At the early age of 6 I first discovered my love for music when I was gifted a toy piano. Starting in the first year of secondary school I received 4 consecutive years of cello classes.

During my school years at the Reichenbach Gymnasium I learned to play the guitar and composed a plenty of self accompanied songs.

My passion for music made me enrol in music production at the SAE-Institute in Cologne. I graduated with a First-Class Bachelor in spring 2017.

During my years at the SAE-Institute I managed to realise a plenty of projects. Some Examples are advertisements and eventfilm projects by spicy concepts (cadamy, GAP, Gira), soundtracks for a diversity of shortfilms as well as the concept and realisation of Nory’s Escape (jump and run game, amazon defcom 2017 award). Furthermore I worked for the Landestheater Tübingen by composing the music for the play ‚Die Netzwelt‘ in co-work with Stefan Faupel.

In my work I mainly focus on orchestral sounds blended with hybrid influences. The contemporary influence of composers such as Thomas Bergersen from Two Steps From Hell and more importantly the wide range of requests by previous clients of mine allowed me to develop a good sense for genre-wise diverse, customized and unique musical expression.

I would like to my clients for allowing me to realize my musical aspirations.

For composing and production I use Steinberg Cubase Pro, for the dynamic integration of music into games Fmod and a wide range of virtual instruments by East West & Quantum Leap, 8Dio, Soundiron, Native Instruments, XLN Audio, Strezov Sampling and many more.

I am looking forward to your project requests!

Tobias Weiß